Advanced Listening Practice

S.E.T.I. 2

An interview on the radio about SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence).

Choose the best answer for each of these questions.

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1. Why doesn't Hilary believe in UFOs

    she's never seen one herself

    it wouldn't help her organization's reputation

    she never says

    they belong in the movies

2. What does the story of the snail illustrate?

    the size of Alaska

    the expense of space travel

    that humans move as slow as snails

    the enormous distances involved

3. Why were some scientists worried in the 1960s?

    we were trying to contact potentially dangerous species

    we were wasting money on failed policies

    we sent inaccurate maps

    nobody knew where to send the probes

4. What changed in SETI policy more recently?

    the scientists who were worried won the argument

    we ran out of money

    we decided to let the aliens come to us

    politician criticized the cost of SETI

5. Why would neighboring alien civilizations be aware of us?

    because we are looking for them

    because we are noisy

    because our planet is very bright

    because they want to find us

6. What reason does Hilary NOT give for why we haven't encountered any aliens yet?

    because this part of space might be empty

    because close-by civilizations might be dead

    because we may be technically incapable of hearing them

    because the government may be hiding this information

7. What issue seems to most concern Hilary about our own planet?

    its potential for destruction

    its widespread poverty

    its isolation

    its pollution

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