Advanced Listening Practice

Come Ye To These Shores 2

You will hear a story about a shipwreck. Choose the best answer for each question.

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1. What were the men at the beginning of the story looking out for?

    another ship close by

    a lighthouse


    the lights of a port

2. Why did the ship hit the rocks?

    the captain was missing from the bridge

    the rocks were in a strange position

    the ship hadn't seen the real lighthouse

    the storm blew it onto them

3. Why was Hazell Head so dangerous?

    it was a headland with dangerous rocks

    pirates operated in the area

    the lighthouse wasn't working properly

    it always had bad weather

4. What was Simon's attitude towards his grandfather?





5. Why did the grandson keep questioning Daniel Perrin?

    he was fascinated by the wrecking stories

    he knew his grandfather kept lying

    he couldn't believe his grandfather had done such terrible things

    he kept forgetting what he was told

6. Why did the men wait two years to return to Hazell Head?

    the weather hadn't been bad enough

    other places were better

    they felt guilty

    it was risky

7. Why did the ship not hit the rocks?

    it saw them at the last minute

    the waves carried the ship over them

    the moon came out

    it was a ghost ship

8. Why did the wreckers not like the moon?

    the police would see them

    it allowed ships to see the land

    it ruined their night vision

    for old, superstitious reasons

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