Advanced Listening Practice

A Gripping Read

Choose the best answer for each question after listening to the book reviews.

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1. Book One - The author is usually known for...

    funnier books

    longer books

    more dramatic books

2. Book One - The reviewer liked the way that the author...

    built the world of the book quickly

    kept the action going page after page

    created the book's universe

3. Book Two - The weak point of the book is...

    its plot

    its dialogue

    its historical facts

4. Book Two - The reviewer enjoyed

    the cinematography

    the drunk uncle character

    the way location was used

5. Book Three - In what ways does the reviewer see this as a novel novel?

    it's not stereotypical

    the way weather is used

    the background of the lead detective

6. Book Three - Which word(s) best describes how the dialogue reads?




7. Book Four - Why does the reviewer describe the novel as empathetic?

    the protagonist is like us

    we understand the protagonist's actions

    the protagonist is poor and not powerful

8. Book Four - What may the reader do after finishing the book?

    fail to understand it

    copy the hero's actions

    change their opinion of it

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