Advanced Listening Practice

A Writer Talks

You are going to hear an author, Janet Stilton, being interviewed about her work and inspiration. Choose the best answer for each questions.

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1. Why does Janet say she's feeling tired?

    she's been promoting her new book

    she arrived for the interview a little late

    she's been travelling around bookstores

2. Why were there no television cameras for the launch of her first book?

    she didn't want them

    the bookstore wasn't big enough

    she wasn't famous enough

3. Why does Keith use the word "pyramid" when talking about authors.

    there are few successful authors

    it's difficult to climb the mountain of success to be number one

    the publishing system is very old

4. Why does Janet like doing promotional events in small venues?

    she doesn't like big crowds

    she can speak to readers

    she likes to do favours for her friends

5. Why was Janet's first book about Linda DelMonte?

    Janet was ready to tell her story

    Janet prefers autobiographical stories

    the publishers insisted

6. Who was the inspiration for the Lucy Doo character?

    an ordinary woman shopping

    a murderer

    a friend of Janet's whose husband left her

7. Why did Janet get rid of one section of her manuscript?

    the publisher didn't like it

    it was derivative

    it was too frightening

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