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The Room-Mates - Transcript

Two people who live in the same house have a 'chat' about some problems.

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Jim: Hi, Sasha, how was work today?

Sasha: Oh good evening Jim. Oh boy, it was a really hard day today. I never thought the end of this day was going to come!

Jim: I'm sorry about that. However, I need to have a chat with you.

Sasha: Uh oh! What's the problem?

Jim: I was really happy when I invited you to stay with me in this apartment. I knew you had a problem with that girl you lived with before.

Sasha: Oh yeah, she was terrible. I couldn't move without her complaining at me.

Jim: Yes, well maybe I understand why she found living with you difficult.

Sasha: What? What do you mean? What problems have I caused for you in the apartment?

Jim: Where do I start? Let's talk about the television first. How do you switch it off?

Sasha: I switch it off every evening. I don't think I've ever forgotten.

Jim: I know that, but I want to know how you switch it off. You take the lead out of the power point, don't you?

Sasha: Yes, I do. Shouldn't I do that?

Jim: No, you should always use the remote control to turn the TV off. And how about the lights? You shouldn't switch them off, ever!

Sasha: Why not? What a waste of electricity! My parents taught me that you should always turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Jim: Yes, that's fine but you should leave the lights on at night because we have an automatic system which turns the lights on and off. It's so that people always think there's someone at home. I told you about it when you first arrived.

Sasha: OK, sorry, I kind of forgot about that.

Jim: Now, the bathroom. You should clean it twice a week. Remember that's your responsibility. And you should use the shower cleaner I suggested you buy. The one you are using now is leaving a horrible mark on the floor of the shower. Haven't you seen it?

Sasha: Yes, I have. I was going to change it when I finished this bottle.

Jim: No, you should change it immediately. I don't want to leave marks in the shower.

Sasha: OK, that's easy enough. I can go to the store tomorrow and get another shower cleaner.

Jim: Right, the last thing is about your music.

Sasha: You don't like my music? Surely you don't want me to start listening to Frank Sinatra the way you do?

Jim: Haha! No, don't worry. But I've had a few complaints about the volume. You shouldn't play any loud music after about eleven o'clock.

Sasha: It's that old man across the street who complains, isn't it?

Jim: Yes, I'm afraid so. If you listen to music any time in the evening, you should close the windows so he can't hear it.

Sasha: OK, I'll try to remember Jim. Is there anything else?

Jim: No, that's everything. Oh no, one more thing...

Sasha: I was afraid so! What is it?

Jim: You're cooking tonight!

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