Intermediate Listening Practice

Here Is The News

Bulletin of world news on the radio.

Listen to the mp3 file and choose the best answer for each question. Then listen again to check.

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1. Where was the announcement made about the host nation for the 2012 Olympics?

2. Which cities were in the race?
    London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Moscow
    London, Paris, Munich, New York, Moscow
    London, Paris, Madrid, Singapore, Moscow

3. What were the new Estonian President's election promises?
    Investment in Estonian industry.
    Privatise Estonian industry and schools.
    Spend more money on hospitals.

4. What share of the vote did he win?

5. What wind speeds did the hurricanes produce?
    180 kilometers per hour
    180 miles per hour
    80 miles per hour

6. When did the government issue an evacuation order?
    It hasn't yet.
    Many days ago.
    Very recently.

7. How old is Manchester United's new player?

8. Which team did he use to play for?
    Sao Paolo

9. What will he miss about Brazil?
    Sun and food.
    Food and beaches.
    Sun and beaches.

10. How long has Chi Chi lived in captivity?
    A couple of years.
    Nearly ten years.
    More than ten years.

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