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Good evening, I'm Jed West and this is the six o'clock news. Headlines..

London has won the race to host the Olympics in 2012. Estonia has elected a new president. Hurricanes Maxwell and Nelly have struck the east coast of America, in particular the Florida Keys. Thousands injured. Manchester United have signed the prodigious young talent, Brillinho, from Sao Paolo for a record €42 million. Chi Chi the panda has given birth to twins in Berlin zoo.

Officials announced early this morning from Singapore that London beat Paris in the race to host the 2012 Olympics. Many people had expected Paris to be the city honoured with the Olympics, but in a surprise twist London, following the eliminations of New York, Moscow and Madrid, emerged as victors. Spokesman Georgia Smith said "It's a great day for London, for England and the United Kingdom. We will make this an Olympics never to be forgotten"

Polling stations in Estonia closed just a few hours ago, but it seems clear that Vladimir Shevchenko has already secured enough votes to become the new president. His election campaign was very controversial in that he promised to privatise all Estonian industry and use the money raised to invest in schools and hospitals. Exit polls indicate Mr Shevchenko took almost 72% of the vote. He is currently preparing his acceptance speech and is expected to assume power in the next 48 hours.

Once again the south east coast of America and the Caribbean are suffering the effects of hurricanes. The latest two to hit are Maxwell and Nelly, and yesterday wind speeds of up to 180kph were recorded, causing millions of dollars of damage to homes, roads and ports. The US government has issued an evacuation order and since yesterday evening the freeways have been jammed with worried residents looking to escape from the hurricanes.

Sport, and the world's richest football club, Manchester United, yesterday signed young Brazilian star, Brillinho, for a world record €42 million. The player, only just 18 years old, signed a 5-year contract in the Manchester United boardroom in front of the world's cameras and microphones. Speaking through an interpreter he said he was very excited to be playing in the UK but would miss the sun and above all the beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

Finally, good news at last for the endangered panda. This morning, just before 10.00am CET, Chi Chi the Giant Chinese panda gave birth to twins, a male and a female, in Berlin zoo. Chi Chi, who has been in captivity since 1994, is said to be well and clearly happy to have finally become a mother.

And that was the six o'clock news. Join me at seven for the latest headlines. I'm Jed West and thank you for listening to Radio 105.

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