Intermediate Listening Practice

Love Is In The Air 2

Listen to Carolina talking about her relationship with Enrico. Answer these True/False questions.

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1. Where did Enrico's family move to?

    The south of Italy

    The USA

    a small town in Italy

    The north of Italy

2. How does Carolina describe Enrico when he was young?

    Quiet and funny


    Quite funny


3. What did she study at university?



    European languages

    European history

4. Where was she when she saw 'the handsome guy'?

    In the university

    In the cinema

    In a bar

    In a restaurant

5. What was he doing?

    Talking on his phone

    Chatting to friends at the table



6. What did they arrange to do?

    Go to a disco

    Go out for a pizza

    Go to have a beer

    Go to see a movie

7. What did they actually do?

    They went to the cinema

    They talked in a bar

    They went to a park

    They walked on the beach

8. How old is their daughter?

    6 months

    3 months

    1 year

    6 years

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