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Online Trouble - Transcript

A customer has problems making a purchase on a website.

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Jackie: Good morning, Power Net Software, this is Jackie. Can I help you?

David: Hi, I've been trying to order some of your software from the website but there seems to be a problem because my order didn't go through.

Jackie: Oh, I'm sorry about that Sir. The technical department sent everyone a memo this morning saying there was a problem with one of the servers. That's probably why you had some difficulty.

David: Would it be possible for me to place my order through you now? I really need this software as soon as possible. It's for my work you see. I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow as I might be out seeing customers.

Jackie: OK, sure. Now then, what is it you would like to order from us?

David: Your site had a great offer on something called Viva Voce. The price was something like 25% off the normal recommended retail price. Could you tell me something more about this product please?

Jackie: Well, I'm afraid that price is only available for those of our customers who order through our site.

David: That's hardly fair, is it? I just tried to order through your site and, as I told you, the sale wouldn't go through. Can't you give me that discount anyway?

Jackie: Yeah, I think that would be alright. It's not as if it's your fault. Now, what did you want to know about Viva Voce? It's one of our best selling products.

David: Do you have that program also in the Professional edition? I only saw the Standard edition but we need the extra recording software which comes with the Professional edition.

Jackie: Fine, let's have a look ... Yes, we have the Professional edition and that is also discounted 25%.

David: Now, in our office, there are both Windows and Mac computers. How much is the Mac version of this software? I don't want to have to pay too much more.

Jackie: Hmmm, we don't seem to have the Mac version in stock at the moment. It's arriving this evening or tomorrow morning.

David: One more question for you and then I'll be done. Is there a microphone included with the software? I tried to find out from your website but it didn't seem to be very clear whether there was a mic included or not.

Jackie: Yes, all our speech recognition software comes with a free microphone although, between you and me, the quality isn't the best. I would recommend you buy a higher quality one, especially if you are planning to use this for your work.

David: Thanks a lot for that information. Those free mics are usually pretty poor, aren't they? OK, we're done. I have ordered through you before and my customer number is 794791. You should have all my contact information and credit card number on file.

Jackie: 794791 ... let's see, oh yes. Here you are, Mr. David Thompson, is that correct?

David: Yes, that's me. How long will the delivery take?

Jackie: You should have this by Wednesday. Can I just confirm then - you want one Windows edition and one Mac edition when it comes through to us this evening or tomorrow?

David: No, just send me the one Windows Professional. We'll just have to do all the speech recognition work on the Windows computers, it's not such a big deal.

Jackie: Great. Thanks for calling Power Net Software. Have a nice morning.

David: Thanks very much, goodbye.

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