Intermediate Listening Practice

Haybridge Hall 2

There is one word/number that is factually wrong in each of these sentences about the listening. Find it and write it in the space provided.

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1. Built at the end of the 15th Century, Haybridge Hall 2 was built by Jake Hawken, a wealthy businessman.

2. Mr Hawken made a lot of money thanks to being successful in wood exports.

3. The Dawson Conservatory was added by the British Army in 1931.

4. Churchill spent two weeks at Haybridge in 1944 while preparing for the Normandy Landings.

5. The Hawken family sold the house to a local family ten years after it was built.

6. The Yarding family then held onto Haybridge Hall 2 for about 200 years.

7. The church in the house grounds was drawn in 1728 by a local priest called Timothy Warsden.

8. William Hoaten bought Haybridge in 1782 and spent three years renovating it.

9. The house is now run by British Heritage, who spent ten million dollars renovating it.

10. If you want to hear about the ground floor furniture, you need to press button two.

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