Intermediate Listening Practice

Sports Roundup 2

Listen to a bulletin of sports news on the radio.

In this exercise, you will need to fill in the spaces in the following sentences. Use a maximum of FOUR words.

Many of these phrases/expressions are used when talking about sport:

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  1. Diego Garcia of the French Open.
  2. The 26-year-old from So Paulo, ..., managed Swiss player Heinz Gruller in four sets.
  3. Baresi now leads over six minutes ...
  4. Stormy weather played its part and the players didn't 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
  5. Gert Kruger, driving for Ferrari, finished the day in pole position and looks in a great position to in the world championship standings.
  6. Pittsburgh 10-2 by a strong Milwaukee side.
  7. Boston the Yankees by 7-3.
  8. The Chicago White Sox a close game 4-3 against Cleveland.
  9. Tampa Bay 8-5 in Toronto...
  10. ...and Houston St. Louis by 4-1.

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