Intermediate Listening Practice

Far From The Office 2

You are going to listen to three people speaking about unusual jobs they have. Answer these multiple choice questions. There are two for each speaker.

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1. Speaker 1 - What does he do at the lighthouses?

    make sure the lights work well

    make sure the GPS is functioning

    make sure ships can see the light

2. Speaker 1 - Why was he trapped in Wales for two days?

    the boat wasn't working

    he fell ill

    there was a storm

3. Speaker 2 - Why does she have a good view from the plane?

    they fly at low altitude

    she sits by the window

    Australia always has clear blue skies

4. Speaker 2 - How many babies have been born after her intervention?




5. Speaker 3 - What do her employers want to see in the companies' treatment of customers?




6. Speaker 3 - What was the reaction of the shoe store owner?

    he was frightened

    he was angry

    he was amused

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