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A Helping Hand - Transcript

A husband and wife talk about the problems a family member is having.

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Carol: Jake, I want to talk to you about George.

Jake: What did he do now?

Carol: I'm worried about him. We must do something. He's been depressed for months.

Jake: Oh you know George. He's changeable like the weather. He could be laughing next week.

Carol: Jake, he's your brother and you should be worried about him. Aren't you?

Jake: Yes, I am, but you know how independent he is. We can't help him if he doesn't want it, can we?

Carol: Well, I feel guilty. He is family after all. We mustn't ignore problems in the family or they will just get bigger. I know that from my own family.

Jake: Do you want me to encourage him to see a therapist?

Carol: No, you don't have to do that, but he should talk about things with other people that he knows.

Jake: Yes, he should. He keeps things inside too much.

Carol: Exactly. Just talking will help him so much.

Jake: He's very unhappy about all the divorce stuff.

Carol: Of course. You know, if you take George out, he might meet somebody.

Jake: You think?

Carol: Well, he can't meet anybody new in his terrible apartment, can he? Watching baseball 24 hours a day.

Jake: Basketball.

Carol: Please Jake, I hate to see George like that. Do something next week -- you must get him out of that apartment, get him doing something new. George should try and forget his ex-wife and remember he's still a young man!

Jake: I'll do it. I hope my family helps me like this if I get depressed.

Carol: You're married to me -- you don't get depressed.

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