Intermediate Listening Practice

A Helping Hand 2

Listen to Jake and Carol talking about Jake's brother, George. Complete these sentences from the recording. All the sentences contain modal verbs. You might need up to THREE words for each space.

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1. Carol: I'm worried about him. We something. He's been depressed for months.

2. Jake: Oh you know George. He's changeable like the weather. He next week.

3. Carol: Jake, he's your brother and worried about him. Aren't you?

4. Jake: Yes, I am, but you know how independent he is. We can't help him if he doesn't want it, ?

5. Carol: Well, I feel guilty. He is family after all. We problems in the family or they will just get bigger. I know that from my own family.

6. Carol: No, you don't have to do that, but he things with other people that he knows.

7. Carol: Of course. You know, if you take George out, he somebody.

8. Carol: Well, he new in his terrible apartment, can he? Watching baseball 24 hours a day.

9. Carol: George should his ex-wife and remember he's still a young man!

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