Intermediate Listening Practice

A Democratic Right

You are going to hear a news report about a protest against a new road. As you listen, complete these sentences which all use either gerund or infinitive verb forms. You may need up to THREE words.

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1. This is the second day of protests against the new highway and people refuse this plan.

2. They enjoy quiet rural area and they don't want big trucks and buses roaring through town.

3. I spoke to the Redford Police Department and they said there were no arrests but some people were told on...

4. I will not let my in a parking lot.

5. If they want Redford well-connected again, then open the railroad.

6. I were going to close the railroad and I thought it was crazy and now here we are and they are ready to spend a huge amount of money to build a useless road.

7. We have to stop this road .

8. It's difficult the anger here without seeing it yourself.

9. The protesters are determined that.

10. They say they will stop the local government stops building and starts talking to them.

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