Intermediate Listening Practice

Remembering A Life

You will hear a woman, Jessica, giving a speech about her father. Choose the best answer for each question.

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1. What line of work was Jessica's father in?





2. When did her father go sailing?

    when it was hot

    when he wasn't busy

    when the yacht was working

3. What quality of Jessica does she give credit to her father for?

    good memory




4. Why didn't Jessica see the best of her father when he was at home?

    he was often working

    he was often arguing with Jessica's mother

    she wouldn't see him much

    he was often angry

5. What book is going to be published in the near future?

    a book of his paintings

    a book of his photos

    a book of Jessica's pictures of her father

    a book of his diaries

6. Why does Jessica use the phrase "land boat"?

    it was near the sea

    he would leave the boat on the beach

    he would relax there like he did on his boat

7. In the final anecdote, what was Jessica's father waiting for?

    the night to end

    a better quality of light

    the sun to rise

    Jessica to smile

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