Intermediate Listening Practice

Getting Away From It All

You are going to hear four stories about vacations. Answer these multiple choice questions about the recording. There are TWO questions for each story, eight in total.

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1. Recording 1: Where had she done her research for the vacation?

    watching TV shows

    from friends

    in the library

2. Recording 1: Where did her husband begin feeling pains?

    at the airport

    in the taxi

    in the plane

3. Recording 2: Where was the restaurant located?

    near the canals

    near the hotel

    near the central square

4. Recording 2: Why didn't his wife pay?

    she never has money on her

    she didn't have enough

    she paid half

5. Recording 3: How good was her Italian?

    she'd studied it at university

    she couldn't speak a word

    the Italians told her it was perfect

6. Recording 3: What was the problem?

    they had the wrong type of car

    it was too hot

    they ran out of money

7. Recording 4: Which of these happened to her?

    her parents argued a lot

    she was ill because of the food

    her parents left her at home

8. Recording 4: When did she hear about her boyfriend?

    when she got back

    on the plane coming home

    in a postcard

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