Intermediate Listening Practice

The Home Fort 2

Listen to a security expert talking on a radio show. She uses many modal verb constructions. As you listen, complete these sentences.

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Helen: Companies like Sabre Security can help to make our homes safer, but you (1) remember all those things our parents and grandparents told us when we were growing up: "you (2) lock the back door", "you (3) leave any windows open", those types of things. Another thing to look out for is where thieves (4) get easy access to the back of your house. Thieves love nothing more than (5) hide themselves far from the street where they (6) get on with their activities without being disturbed.

Helen: Security companies like ourselves sell many high-tech tools such as cameras and motion detectors that (7) be used, but people (8) use good old-fashioned technology too

Helen: I think a good guard dog is the best possible security precaution that any family (9) have. They (10) hear better than us, they (11) see better than us.

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