Intermediate Listening Practice

The Island Of Vanuatu 2

Listen to the talk about the Pacific island of Vanuatu. Complete each of these sentences, only with NUMBERS (no words or punctuation).

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1. Good morning everyone and welcome to lecture 7 in a series of on the island nations of the Pacific Ocean.

2. Vanuatu is a group of about 15 islands divided into six provinces which can be found around kilometers from the eastern coast of Australia.

3. The total population in Vanuatu is some .

4. In , the Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernández de Quirós became the first European to reach the islands.

5. In , the islands began to be administered by a French-British naval commission.

6. Because of introduced diseases, the population fell greatly, to in 1935.

7. ...full sovereignty was finally granted by both European nations on July , 1980.

8. It joined the UN in 1981, and the Non-Aligned Movement in .

9. The Vanuatu Mobile Force, a paramilitary group, attempted a coup in , because of a pay dispute.

10. As far as the economy goes, it is based primarily on agriculture, which provides a living for % of the population.

11. About tourists visit the island group annually.

12. GDP growth rose less than % on average in the 1990s.

13. The highest point in Vanuatu is Mount Tabwemasana, at meters.

14. Another powerful earthquake in January caused extensive damage in the capital, Port Vila.

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