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You've Changed! - Transcript

Two friends meet after not seeing each other for a long time.

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Peter: Hi, it's Anna, isn't it?

Anna: Hey, Peter. How are you? I haven't seen you for ages!

Peter: Yeah, I think it was four years ago at Cathy's graduation party. Do you still see her?

Anna: I saw her last week in fact. She's just had a baby.

Peter: Oh wow! I can't believe that - Cathy, a mother!

Anna: I can't believe how different you look.

Peter: Do you think so?

Anna: Yeah! You've changed your hairstyle completely. You used to have really long hair, didn't you?

Peter: Yeah, I got tired of washing and brushing it five times a day!

Anna: And of course, you used to have a beard. You've shaved that off too.

Peter: Hey, that's true. I haven't had a beard for at least three years now.

Anna: And where are your glasses? You've stopped wearing your glasses with the red frames.

Peter: Oh, they were terrible. I can't believe you can still remember them! I wear contact lenses now.

Anna: They were so "you", those glasses. So, what else is different with you?

Peter: Hmm, well I've changed my job too. You remember I used to work in the book store?

Anna: Yeah...

Peter: Well, I have another job now and it's a lot better.

Anna: What do you do now?

Peter: I work for a computer software company in the city. The pay is great and the job is pretty interesting too.

Anna: That sounds terrific. What about Benji?

Peter: Benji? Who's he?

Anna: Don't tell me you've forgotten about that old Volkswagen you used to drive around in!

Peter: Benji!!!! Wow...I can't believe you remembered! I've bought a new car now and it doesn't have a name. So what about you? What's changes in your life since we last saw each other.

Anna: Very little actually. I've moved into a new apartment on the other side of town. That place I used to live in was just too small and cramped for me.

Peter: But you lived so close to your job.

Anna: Yeah, well I've changed my job too, just like you. Now, I work for my father in the sales department so I'm pretty close to the office.

Peter: Look, I've got to hurry off now but it's been great talking to you. What do you say, should we meet up for dinner or a drink this week and catch up on old times?

Anna: Absolutely! Here's my home number. You can reach me any time after 7.

Peter: Ok, I'll call in a day or two and we'll get something together. Bye for now, Anna.

Anna: Bye Peter.

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