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Checking In - Transcript

Mr. Henderson checks into a hotel.

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Jennifer: Good evening Sir, can I help you?

Mr. Henderson: Yes, I have a single room booked for tonight and tomorrow night. The name's Henderson.

Jennifer: Henderson....Henderson...oh yes, here you are. You are in room 344, that's on the beach side so you should have a nice sea view.

Mr. Henderson: Oh that's nice. I have a lot of work to do but I'll have time to enjoy the view I'm sure.

Jennifer: Here is your key card. You know how to use it, don't you?

Mr. Henderson: Oh yes. Do I have to give it back to you on Tuesday morning?

Jennifer: No, that's not necessary. It will only work until Tuesday noon which is our checking out time anyway. You can keep it after that. You can see it's got a handy little calendar on the other side so you might find that useful.

Mr. Henderson: Hey, I've never seen that before. That's a neat little idea.

Jennifer: Now I just need to run through some of our regulations with you. You may also find them on the back of your door in your room but we need to tell our guests some of the most important information.

Mr. Henderson: OK, no problems.

Jennifer: Now, I've already told you about the key card. Let's see, the fire exit is at the north end of the corridor, so that is to the right as you come out of your room, 344. Follow the green signs on the corridor walls. The restaurant you can see behind you. That's open from 7 in the morning until midnight.

Mr. Henderson: How do I get an external line from my room?

Jennifer: Oh, good question. You'll find all the information you need on a plastic card next to the phone. Just dial 1 to speak to the hotel switchboard or 1 followed by a room number to ring another room directly. If you ring 9 and wait for a dial tone, that puts you onto an external line.

Mr. Henderson: OK, is there anything else?

Jennifer: As I said before, check out time is midday. If you have any complaints, please come directly to me, Jennifer, or to my husband Gary. We hope you have a great stay here at The Strands. Do you need some help with your bags, Mr. Henderson?

Mr. Henderson: No, it's fine. Just this small briefcase. Thanks very much for your help.

Jennifer: Bye for now, have a nice evening.

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