Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

Checking In 2

Listen to Mr. Henderson checking into a hotel. Choose the best answer for these questions.

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1. What is Mr. Henderson's opinion of the sea view?

    It's unimportant because he will be too busy.

    He's quite happy to have it.

    It will help him to work better.

2. Why doesn't he have to give the key card back when he leaves?

    Because it won't work after he leaves anyway.

    Because reception will be closed when he leaves the hotel.

    Because he'll need to use the calendar.

3. Which two things does Jennifer tell Mr. Henderson about at the beginning?

    The fire exit and the reception opening hours.

    The fire escape and the restaurant.

    The fire alarm and the restaurant.

4. Mr. Henderson's manager is staying in room 278 in The Strands. Which number would Mr. Henderson have to call to speak with him?




5. Why does Mr. Henderson carry his briefcase to his room?

    Because Jennifer's husband, Gary, is not there to help.

    Because Jennifer doesn't offer to help him.

    Because it's not very heavy.

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