Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

A Matter Of Taste

Listen to David and Carol talking about a modern art exhibition.

Choose the best answer for the questions below.

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1. What is Carol's reaction to David's opinion that modern art looks like it has been done by children?
    She can understand why he thinks that.
    She disagrees totally.
    She accuses him of not understanding modern art.

2. What did Carol like about the picture of the tree?
    That is was so big.
    It reminded her of winter.
    The way the artist represented the tree.

3. What did Carol say about the second picture?
    It was large.
    It was her favourite painting.
    It had a lot of strange colours.

4. Which of these statements is not true of the last painting that Carol describes?
    She saw it near the end of the art gallery visit.
    She also liked the frame on the picture.
    It reminded her of her childhood.
    She spent a long time looking at it.

5. What suggestion does Carol make to David at the end of their conversation?
    To buy a painting if he sees something he likes.
    To attend the exhibition with someone who couldn't go with Carol today.
    To go with their aunt, who is in town this week.

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