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Best Friends - Transcript

Laura asks Mike some questions about friendship to complete a survey.

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Laura: You have to look at this survey they've got in my mom's magazine.

Mike: Yeah, go on. What's it about?

Laura: Well, the title is "Are You A Good Friend?" Are you brave enough to try?

Mike: Hmm, I have to go out in a minute. How many questions are there?

Laura: Only five. Number one: How many friends do you prefer to have? A - one or two. B - three to five. C - about 10. D - as many as possible.

Mike: Let's think about that one. I would say I have about three or four good friends and I'm pretty happy with that. Next?

Laura: Right ... number two. When was the last time you forgot a friend's birthday? I never have, this year, once many years ago, I do it quite often. Those are the choices.

Mike: Definitely first answer for me.

Laura: Ooh, you liar! You forgot mine and that was only six months ago.

Mike: Hmm, I forgot about that. I forgot Jamie's and Helen's this year too.

Laura: Ha! No doubt what answer I'm going to put for that one! Number three. Have you ever called a friend of yours at three o'clock in the morning just to chat? And the choices are: Never, once or twice, quite often and the last one is "night-time is for sleeping" and that's definitely the one you should pick, sleepyhead.

Mike: No way! I've spoken to Helen till the early hours on many occasions. Last year when she had all those problems at college, it was me talking to her every night for a week.

Laura: OK, OK, I was just teasing you. I think we can put you down for "often", don't you think? Number 4. Do your friends search for you when they want cheering up, some good advice or someone to listen to them?

Mike: What a terrible question! Those last two options are pretty much the same, wouldn't you say?

Laura: Look, I don't write the questions. Just give me an answer. I think you're getting nervous - you're giving all the wrong answers!

Mike: Very funny! OK, I'd say people come to me more often when they've got

a problem as they know I'll give them good advice.

Laura: So that's answer C?

Mike: That's what I said, the answers are the same. I will listen to them but also give advice so it's really the second answer.

Laura: OK, last question.

Mike: I'm happy to hear it…

Laura: How often do you think about your friends? Throughout the day, every day, rarely, only when you need them.

Mike: This is officially the worst magazine survey… ever!

Laura: Come on Mike, this is the last question.

Mike: I think about all of you every waking moment of every single day. All day, every day. That's my answer. Now, I have to go out. I'll see you tonight.

Laura: Give me a serious answer or I can't give the proper results.

Mike: Well, I'm going to have to live without knowing whether I'm a good friend or not. See you at seven.

Laura: Alright, bye.

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