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The Inspector Calls - Transcript

A police inspector comes and speaks to the wife of a man who has been murdered.

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Inspector: Good evening Mrs. Wilson. We want to ask you some questions about the night of the murder.

Mrs. Wilson: Yes, inspector. What do you want to know?

Inspector: What time did you return home Mrs. Wilson?

Mrs. Wilson: Well, I can't remember.

Inspector: Please try - it's very important.

Mrs. Wilson: Of course, inspector. Let me think...well, it was about ten past six. I parked the car in the garage and came into the house using the side door.

Inspector: The side door?

Mrs. Wilson: Yes, we have a door that goes from the garage directly into the house.

Inspector: OK.

Mrs. Wilson: And when I came into the house, I walked into the library. Then I looked at the clock, I remember. And it was ten past six.

Inspector: Good. Now...what did you do next?

Mrs. Wilson: Well, I was surprised that my husband wasn't in the library.

Inspector: And why is that?

Mrs. Wilson: Because he usually is! I didn't know where he was.

Inspector: Did you think it was strange?

Mrs. Wilson: The side door wasn't locked so I knew someone was in the house.

Inspector: So what did you do?

Mrs. Wilson: I called out his name and I went to look in the kitchen.

Inspector: And then?

Mrs. Wilson: I started to walk upstairs to look...when the telephone rang.

Inspector: Who was it?

Mrs. Wilson: My husband's sister, Margaret. Horrible woman!

Inspector: Did you talk to her long?

Mrs. Wilson: I hate speaking to that woman. I told her I didn't know where Trevor was and then I hung up.

Inspector: So what was the time at this point?

Mrs. Wilson: Well, it was about quarter past six!

Inspector: What did you do after you put the phone down?

Mrs. Wilson: Well, I went upstairs again.

Inspector: Immediately?

Mrs. Wilson: Yes, inspector. I went into the main bathroom which is next to our bedroom.

Inspector: Why did you go into the bathroom first?

Mrs. Wilson: Because the door was open. We always keep that door closed so I was surprised to see it open.

Inspector: And what did you see, Mrs. Wilson?

Mrs. Wilson: The gun.

Inspector: Your husband's gun?

Mrs. Wilson: Well, I wasn't sure it was my husband's gun but I was very worried to find a gun on the floor.

Inspector: Did you touch it?

Mrs. Wilson: No, I went into the bedroom which is next to the bathroom, as I said.

Inspector: And..?

Mrs. Wilson: And I saw my husband on the floor and there was a lot of blood.

Inspector: What did you do then?

Mrs. Wilson: I screamed of course! Then I ran downstairs and called the police and an ambulance.

Inspector: Did you go back upstairs where your husband was Mrs. Wilson?

Mrs. Wilson: No! I waited in the lounge for about five minutes and the first police car arrived at about half past six.

Inspector: So you didn't touch your husband?

Mrs. Wilson: No, I saw the body and I came downstairs and called the police.

Inspector: OK, Mrs. Wilson. I don't have any more questions. Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Wilson: Of course, inspector. I'll show you out....

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