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Vacation Stress - Transcript

Spoken postcard from Leroy, on vacation in Europe.

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Hi Maggie, it's me, Leroy! I thought about sending a postcard but this is really cool, no? I'm so tired today because we went to a party last night and I went to bed at three o'clock this morning. It was a great party! Anyway, let me tell you about the holiday so far.

On Monday we were in Edinburgh. We drove there from London and I was next to William on the coach. Ten hours to get there, but it was worth it because it's an amazing city. The people are very friendly and they all seem so happy. Some of the group tried traditional Scottish cooking, but William and I had a hamburger instead. I wanted to buy a kilt but they cost a lot of money so instead I bought a large photograph of Edinburgh castle.

The next day we went to Paris on the train. I sat next to Marcus and we listened to his hip hop CD's. The journey was very long so we had  lunch on the train, but I don't like French food so I had a hot dog. Paris is beautiful too and I bought some postcards which I'm going to send tomorrow.

From there we went to Rome, again on the coach, and this time I sat next to John. We stopped for lunch in a service station on the motorway and I had a large steak and a mountain of chips - it was delicious. When we got to Rome I bought a book as a souvenir so that I can read about it when I get home.

Now I'm sitting next to Elisabeth on a train just outside Bavaria. We are eating asparagus and Elisabeth is playing the harmonica I bought. She's terrible, but she's also quite nice so I'm going to let her play it as much as she wants!

Tomorrow we are flying to Helsinki in Finland. I'm going to sit next to Maria because she doesn't like flying and I want to help her relax. When we get there I'm going to eat spaghetti - I know it's strange to eat spaghetti in Finland but our teacher was there some years ago and she said it was delicious.  She also said that electronic goods are very very cheap so I'm going to buy a computer - they are nearly half the price!

Anyway, it's time to get off the train now so I'll say goodbye. Give a big kiss to mum and dad from me and I'll see you soon. Bye!

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