Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

The Job Interview

Pia goes for a job interview to try and get a new job.

Listen to the mp3 file and put 1-2 words into each space to complete the resume/CV. Then listen again to check.

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Name: Pia Marcotti
Place of Birth: (1), Italy.
Age: (2)

Post-University Experience

October (3) - September 2002
Worked for mother's (4) company, Meals On Wheels. Main responsibilities: webmaster and advertising.

September 2002 - February 2003
Travelled mostly in Europe but also a month in (5).

March 2003 - July 2005
Worked for (6) Footwear, shoe company near hometown. Worked in (7) department for most of this time.

Languages Spoken:
(8) - fluent
(9) - good after (10) years study.

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