Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

The Job Interview 2

Pia goes for a job interview to try and get a new job.

Look at these sentences about the listening. There is one fact wrong in each one. Find this word and correct it for each question.

E.g. Mount Everest is the tallest building in the world. >> Write "mountain" in the blank space.

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1. John Roscoe manages the sales department at Rosco International.

2. Pia arrived at 9 and had a tour of the building from Suzy.

3. Pia has a cousin who worked for Rosco before for 10 months.

4. Luigi has been working for a website in London for about a year.

5. Pia worked in her mother's company which specialised in providing flowers.

6. Pia would use her Italian because Rosco does a lot of business with Sardinia.

7. Pia worked for a company called Bradley Footwear for about three years.

8. The footwear company only had a few factories in the area, so Pia got bored.

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