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Diana's New Job - Transcript

Diana tells her friend about how her new job is going.

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Alan: Hey Diana, how is your new job going?

Diana: Great. I love driving those tourists around. It's one of the best jobs I've ever had.

Alan: Where did you take them today? Were you on the bus again?

Diana: Yeah, we had them on bus and we took them to the canyon.

Alan: Wow, that must have been great. Did you have many people with you today?

Diana: There were a few empty spaces, so the bus wasn't full.

Alan: Why was that?

Diana: I think a few people didn't feel too great today and decided to stay at the hotel. We did too many things yesterday and a lot of people were feeling tired in the morning when we picked them up from the hotel.

Alan: Were you the only guide with the tourist group today?

Diana: No. Mark was there and he helped me a lot. When he's not there, I have too much to do so I really appreciate it when I'm not alone.

Alan: Did you have time for lunch?

Diana: We didn't have any time for lunch at all. The tourists had something to eat in the cafe near the canyon entrance but we had to organize the rest of the day with the staff at the park. We had a few minutes just to grab a sandwich later on.

Alan: That doesn't seem very fair. You guys work too hard.

Diana: They pay us well and the job's enjoyable so we can't complain.

Alan: What time did you get back to the hotel? You look exhausted!

Diana: We got back at five and then we had a little time with the leader of the tourist group discussing tomorrow's itinerary.

Alan: Where are you going tomorrow?

Diana: Oh, it's a much easier day tomorrow. We are taking them to the city museum in the morning and then to the aquarium after lunch. I don't think there will be too many problems.

Alan: I didn't even know there was an aquarium in the city!

Diana: Maybe you should join us tomorrow!

Alan: Well, have a nice day and say "hi" to all the fish for me.

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