Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

Happy Hungry People 2

Listen to people talking about their favorite places to eat. For each question, write ONE adjective to complete the sentence. There are two questions for each speaker.

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1. Speaker 1: It's called 'The Knife and Talk' and it's very the city center.

2. Speaker 1: Their pancakes are , with bits of apple and banana.

3. Speaker 2: A bit , but worth every penny.

4. Speaker 2: So I can eat very and have a chat at the same time.

5. Speaker 3: But the food is great, very , traditional recipes and cheap too.

6. Speaker 3: I always have pancakes in the morning and their fish pie for lunch is .

7. Speaker 4: They sell pizza, but it isn't like normal pizza.

8. Speaker 4: There was a pizzeria there before.

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