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Possibility Of A Study - Transcript

A couple is shown around a house by a real estate agent.

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Harry: Okay, this is the last house that we will see today. There's another one on this street that I can show you tomorrow. Well, what do you think?

Daniel: It's big! What do you think, Susan?

Susan: Yes, it's much bigger than I expected. It doesn't look so large from the outside.

Harry: Now this is obviously the lounge. You have a lot of space in here, you can divide the room using the sofa and have a quieter area just here, maybe with a desk, away from the TV.

Susan: I love these wooden floors. We have carpet in our house and it's more difficult to keep clean, isn't it Daniel?

Daniel: Yes, this type of floor is more convenient.

Harry: Okay, through here we have the kitchen…

Susan: Oh, look at the color of it.

Daniel: It's very pink, isn't it?

Susan: The last kitchen we saw, that was more elegant, more beautiful. Don't you agree, Daniel?

Daniel: We can change it.

Harry: Of course you can. Don't worry about the colors of the walls, you can change the color in a weekend.

Susan: Yes, that's true, this kitchen is definitely bigger than ours. It's the biggest we've seen today.

Harry: And look at that garden!

Daniel: It's narrower than our current garden, but it's much longer. And the trees are beautiful.

Susan: That garden will be really special in the summer. That's the best garden we've seen today.

Daniel: I don't know, I loved the garden in the first house, it was smaller but it was very pretty, all those flowers.

Susan: Yes, it was pretty.

Harry: As you can see, there is plenty of space in the kitchen for a table, so you can eat here. Many families find it more relaxing to eat in a separate dining area and you also have that over there. Now, let's go upstairs.

Harry: This house has three large bedrooms and a fourth bedroom that you can use as a guest bedroom or maybe a study. Would you like to have a study?

Susan: Daniel loves the idea of a study, don't you?

Daniel: I have a tiny study at home, but it's not easy to concentrate there. Our neighborhood is noisier than this one -- there's a large road near the house. It would be quieter here.

Harry: There is a large family bathroom and two of the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms too.

Susan: Oh that's much better! No more waiting twenty minutes for our son to stop looking at himself in the mirror.

Harry: Now this house is a little more expensive than your budget, about $10,000 more. What do you think? Susan?

Susan: I love it. It's cheaper than the last house we saw and I like this one more.

Daniel: So do I. I think we can make an offer.

Harry: That's great news. Let's go to the office straightaway.

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