Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

Possibility Of A Study 2

A couple is shown around a house by a real estate agent.

Complete the gaps in the conversation by writing in the comparative structures. Use a maximum of FOUR words.

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  1. Susan: Yes, it's I expected. It doesn't look so large from the outside.
  2. Harry: can divide the room using the sofa and have just here, maybe with a desk, away from the TV.
  3. Susan: I love these wooden floors. We have carpet in our house and it's to keep clean, isn't it Daniel?
  4. Susan: Yes, that's true, this kitchen is definitely . It's the biggest we've seen today.
  5. Daniel: It's narrower than our current garden, but it's . And the trees are beautiful.
  6. Susan: That garden will be really special in the summer. That's we've seen today.
  7. Harry: Many families find it to eat in a separate dining area and you also have that over there.
  8. Daniel: Our neighborhood is this one - there's a large road near the house.
  9. Harry: Now this house is than your budget, about $10,000 more.
  10. Susan: I love it. It's cheaper than the last house we saw and I like .

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