Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

It's My Workplace 2

Listen to three people talking about photos of offices they are looking at. Complete each sentence using up to THREE words.

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1. Part one: The worst part is the large table in the centre of the room: there's on it.

2. Part one: I think the problem with this office is that it's .

3. Part one: You can't work where there is and mess.

4. Part two: I imagine it could be the office of a bank manager or a company president, it would be a perfect office for .

5. Part two: looks like there's a big cream carpet on the floor. They get so quickly.

6. Part three: I know it was taken because of the clothes the people are wearing...

7. Part three: don't really exist now, do they?

8. Part three: I don't like the office, it's place.

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