Pre-Intermediate Listening Practice

Images From The Past

You are going to listen to some people talking about old photos that contain images of their relatives - parents, grandparents, etc. Look at these multiple choice questions. Read the questions first and then choose the best answer as you listen.

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1. How many people does the first speaker identify and name?





2. What did the first speaker's grandfather do in his life?

    He worked in a cinema, then became the manager.

    He got married to a movie star, then they bought a cinema.

    He sold chocolate and soda drinks to silent movie actors.

    He worked in a chocolate factory, then made movies.

3. Why do many people think the second speaker's grand aunt is actually his grandmother?

    They were often together in photos.

    All the children played together and it was confusing.

    They lived in the same house.

    They looked very similar.

4. How is the house different now compared to when the photo was taken?

    The speaker's brother bought the house.

    It's not there anymore, it was destroyed.

    The house was replaced with a large apartment building.

    The area was more open and less built up.

5. What was the occasion of the photo that the third speaker talks about?

    The girl's uncles were going to fight in the war.

    The speaker's grandmother wanted a photo with her handbag.

    It was the birthday of one of them.

    Two of them were leaving the army.

6. What happened to the uncles of the third speaker's grandmother?

    They both died in the war.

    One died in the war, the other had seven children.

    One died in the war, the other became an actor.

    One became a cheese maker, the other became an actor.

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