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Choices, Choices! - Transcript

Janice and Stephen have to choose a new computer to buy.

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Janice: Right, here are the computers. We have to buy one and we have to buy one today!

Stephen: Yes, you're right. I just don't understand anything about computers.

Janice: Well, it's OK. We can decide together. First of all, we need to decide between a laptop and a desktop.

Stephen: I'm already confused. Can't we just get one like the one we have at the moment?

Janice: That's a desktop computer. I think it's too big. The monitor and the speakers take up a lot of space and if we want to use it in the lounge, we have to move the desk.

Stephen: Oh, so you're thinking of buying one of these laptop computers, are you? They look really neat! Very compact. I bet they aren't as powerful as our old desktop computer though.

Janice: Stephen, this isn't the 1990s! Look here, this one is twice as powerful as our desktop computer. Look, it has 80 gigabytes on the hard drive. Our desktop has only 30. We bought it five years ago.

Stephen: I have to tell you right now. When you start talking about know, gigabytes, ROMs and megahertz, I get a headache. No, I mean it!

Janice: Oh please - come on, we have to make a decision. My uncle gave me that money more than a month ago and if he comes to the house tonight and we don't have a computer, he will be offended.

Stephen: Right, we need to think what we need. Now let's we need to make CDs and DVDs?

Janice: Yes, that would be useful. We don't need a printer or a scanner as we already have both.

Stephen: Fine, look at those two there with extra wide screens.

Janice: No, that would be a waste of money. We won't be using it to watch movies.

Stephen: This one looks fine then. $1400. It has a CD and DVD burner. 60 gigabyte hard drive. 5 USB ports...what are they?

Janice: That lets you use things like a mouse, a printer or a scanner. That seems a good choice. Look, it comes with a free webcam.

Stephen: Why do we want one of those? I don't even like it when people take my photo.

Janice: Let's go and find someone to help us. Look, there's someone.

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