Elementary Listening Practice

Coming To Town

Heather is talking to her friend Clive. Heather's brother, Terry, is coming to visit this weekend and she is talking to Clive about what Terry is going to do during this visit. Answer the following questions:

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1. What time does Heather's brother arrive in town?

    7pm Thursday

    9pm Tuesday

    8pm Tuesday

    8pm Thursday

2. Where is he flying from?





3. What are they going to do on Thursday evening?

    Go to restaurant

    Stay at home

    Go to visit friends

    Go to Melbourne

4. How long is Terry going to stay with her?

    Two weeks

    Until Friday

    Until Monday

    A week

5. What are the plans for Friday afternoon?

    Lunch at restaurant

    Picnic at beach

    Picnic in countryside

    Swimming at beach

6. Where is the Mexican restaurant?

    17th Avenue

    27th Avenue

    7th Avenue

    57th Avenue

7. Where are they going to have lunch on Saturday?

    In 7th Avenue

    In Central Park

    In the museum

    In a Japanese restaurant

8. What surprise does Heather have for her brother?

    A basketball match

    A party

    A fishing trip

    Meeting a famous person

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