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Leaving On A Jet Plane - Transcript

Two friends talking on a plane from New York to Los Angeles.

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Graham: Oh, I fell asleep. Where are we?

Barbara: We're almost there.

Graham: Oh no! I wanted to look out of the window to see all the places we flew over. Why didn't you wake me up?

Barbara: You looked very tired so I didn't want to.

Graham: I was asleep for over three hours. What can you see out of the window now?

Barbara: It looks like desert below, but I think we are near Los Angeles. We went over the Rockies a short time ago. The mountains were absolutely beautiful.

Graham: I can't believe I missed that. I really wanted to see the Rockies.

Barbara: Sorry Graham. You can sit next to the window when we fly back to New York.

Graham: Thanks. Did you have something to eat? I know you were hungry.

Barbara: Yes. About an hour ago. I ate chicken and rice. There was also a dessert but it had pear in it so I didn't touch it.

Graham: I'm really hungry now too. I didn't have any breakfast this morning either.

Barbara: We can buy something for you when we get to the airport. You don't like chicken anyway and the alternative was Spanish Omelet which looked disgusting.

Graham: What other things did you see out of the window? Did you see Chicago and the Great Lakes?

Barbara: Yes, we flew right over Chicago. I could see little boats on the lake. It was wonderful.

Graham: I can't believe I was sleeping. And I had a dream about flying too.

Barbara: They showed a great movie too. You know the one about Brad Pitt being the manager of the chocolate factory.

Graham: That's not Brad Pitt in that movie. I like that film too. I think we are starting to land.

Barbara: Yes, we aren't so high now. What are we going to do when we get to Los Angeles?

Graham: We have to make a phone call to your father, don't we?

Barbara: Right, then, let's go straight to the hotel to sleep. I'm exhausted.

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