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Bookworms - Transcript

A woman asks a customer some questions to complete a questionnaire about books and reading habits.

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Interviewer: Excuse me, do you have a few minutes? I want to ask you a couple of questions.

Charlie: Yes, alright. What would you like to know?

Interviewer: Well, I work for The Regal Bookstore and we are doing a survey about people's reading habits. Can I ask you how often you read fiction books?

Charlie: Very often. I usually read about one book a week, sometimes more if I'm away on vacation.

Interviewer: Now then, next question. What three categories of books do you prefer to read?

Charlie: Hmm, let me think. I absolutely love crime books, you know Agatha Christie, a good whodunit. I am also keen on science fiction books such as Arthur C. Clark and Asimov. And then, recently I've read a lot of Westerns.

Interviewer: Fine. How much do you think you spend on fiction books every month?

Charlie: Not very much because I get a lot of my books from friends when they have finished reading them. Probably around $50.

Interviewer: OK, now the next question is about where you buy your books, if you don't get them from your friends of course. Do you spend most of your money on books in stores or on the Internet?

Charlie: As I said, I don't buy books very often but when I do, I buy them online or sometimes I go to a bookstore if I see something interesting in the window.

Interviewer: And have you ever been to The Regal Bookstore before to buy books?

Charlie: Yes, I bought something from that store only two weeks ago. It was the new book by Grisham. I saw that it was on special offer so I came in.

Interviewer: Great, now my final question. Would you buy a book from the Regal Bookstore web site? We have a new site, did you know?

Charlie: No, I didn't know. I will go and have a look at it as you have some good prices. I would like to buy something from the site if the price was right, of course.

Interviewer: OK sir, thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

Charlie: No problems. Good day to you.

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