Elementary Listening Practice

Making Apple Pie

Two friends talk about what they need to make apple pie.

Listen to the mp3 file and complete the two parts of the Listening Exercise. Then listen again to check.

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Part One

The two ingredients they need to buy are and .

Part Two

Now, complete these sentences as you listen to Mike and Cathy's conversation for a second time. All the words are quantifiers. Choose the words from the box below:

some - any - few - a little - much - many - a lot

1. We need some apples. Do we have ?

2. Yes, we have of apples.

3. How do we have to use?

4. Now, is there flour?

5. How do we have?

6. We'll have to buy flour. We don't have .

7. We only need cinnamon

8. We have of salt

9. And quite of sugar

10. We don't have sugar!

11. Did you buy butter yesterday at the store?

12. No, I didn't get . How do we need for the recipe?

13. I think we have butter in the fridge.

14. We don't have but there's enough.

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