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Making Apple Pie - Transcript

Two friends talk about what they need to make apple pie.

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Mike: We have to make dinner tonight. I hope you remembered!

Cathy: Oops, I forgot actually. What do you want to make?

Mike: Well, I thought we could make that apple pie we did last time. what do you think?

Cathy: Yeah, ok, that's a good idea. Do we have everything we need?

Mike: Mm, let's go and have a look in the kitchen.

Cathy: right, first, of course, we need some apples. Do we have any?

Mike: Yes, we have a lot of apples. I bought ten only yesterday. How many do we have to use?

Cathy: I think six large apples will be fine. Now, is there any flour? We have to use two and a half cups of flour. How much do we have?

Mike: I think we'll have to buy some flour. We don't have much. Maybe only 200 grams. I'll start a shopping list...ok, flour. What about cinnamon and nutmeg?

Cathy: Well, for this recipe, we only need a little cinnamon and nutmeg. How much do we have?

Mike: Oh, these containers are both full, so we don't need any more. Now, we need a little salt...

Cathy: OK, we have a lot of salt...

Mike: And quite a lot of sugar, hmmm...it says in the recipe about a cup.

Cathy: Oh...we don't have any sugar! We can't make apple pie without sugar. Write sugar on the shopping list.

Mike: OK, I've got it. We need a little butter too. Did you buy any butter yesterday at the store?

Cathy: No, I didn't get any. How much do we need for the recipe?

Mike: Well, it says 100 grams. I think we have some butter in the fridge.

Cathy: Yes, we don't have much but there's enough.

Mike: OK, I will go down to the store and buy these things we need. And we can start when I return.

Cathy: Fine, I'll come with you.

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