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The New Class - Transcript

A girl talks about her new Spanish class.

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Steve: Hi Susan, did your new Spanish class start today?

Susan: Hi Steve. Yeah, it was great fun. Hola!

Steve: Hey, you learned something already! So, tell me about the other students.

Susan: Well, first I want to tell you about the teacher. She's crazy! Her name in Maria and she's from Malaga in the south of Spain. She's about 35 years old and is a really friendly person. She's very funny. It's difficult to understand her accent sometimes but I'm sure it will get easier.

Steve: How many students are there in the class?

Susan: Oh, about 12 I think. Everyone is about the same age, so that's great.

Steve: Where are you going, where are you doing the lessons? Are you at the college near the tennis club?

Susan: No. We're at the town library. We are using a small room at the library so it's really quiet and all the books are right there!

Steve: Are the other students all American?

Susan: Most of them are, yes. There is a Japanese girl called Miko. She is probably the best in the class. Her accent is wonderful. I think she studied Spanish at school.

Steve: Ah ha...

Susan: And then there's an English boy called James. He lives here and works at the university. He wants to learn Spanish because he hopes to go to Argentina next year. He is very young, about 22 years old.

Steve: And the rest of you are American?

Susan: Yes, apart from James and Miko, the rest of us are American. I met your mother's friend Rosemary.

Steve: Rosemary? Who's she?

Susan: That friend your mother plays tennis with sometimes.

Steve: Oh, Rose Marie! Why is she learning Spanish? She speaks Italian and French already!

Susan: Well, maybe she wants to be multi-lingual. She speaks really well. I feel so stupid in that class and that's after just one lesson! Oh dear....

Steve: Don't worry Susan, maybe I'll come by next lesson and then I will be the worst for sure. What did you do in today's class?

Susan: Because it was the first lesson only, we did some basic things like the numbers to ten and how to ask a person's name.

Steve: OK, ask me my name in Spanish!

Susan: Oh! Erm, I can't remember. Como ti, come te yama, como ti yamo, oooh! I can't remember anything!

Steve: (laughs) I will come to the next lesson and help you!

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