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A Musician's Day - Transcript

A rock star talks about her daily routine.

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I love working in the music business. It's so interesting and every day is different.

The first thing I do every day is I check my e-mail messages. Many fans write e-mails to me and I like reading what they write to me. I write a couple of replies to my fans and then I surf around on some music websites to see what the music journalists say about me.

Then I leave the house and go to a small French cafe for breakfast. London is a very busy city and I enjoy relaxing with my cup of coffee and I watch the world go by while I read my newspaper and a couple of music magazines. I usually only eat a pastry with my coffee. I never feel hungry in the morning.

At about eleven o'clock, my car arrives and takes me to the studio which is about ten miles outside the city. I meet the other members of the band and we drink a cup of coffee together and talk about the ideas we have for the day in the studio.

We never start working in the studio until about midday. Usually, we begin with the problems of the previous day. At about three in the afternoon, we stop for lunch but sometimes we continue recording if we have some good ideas.

Because I am the singer in the group, I must be careful with my voice. I never sing if I feel tired and I drink a lot of water during the day. For the last couple of hours, until about 6 p.m., I don't sing but I help the rest of the group with the music.

I go back to London by car and arrive home at about half past six or seven. Sometimes, I have an interview on the TV which is always really interesting for me. I meet my boyfriend, Peter, and we go to eat a tasty meal in a restaurant. He loves foreign food so we often go and eat in an Indian or Greek restaurant or something similar. I never go to bed too late as I don't want to be too tired for the studio.

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