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Perchance To Dream - Transcript

A woman is interviewed in the street about sleep.

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Interviewer: Hello, Madam, excuse me, Madam, would you mind answering a
few questions?

Woman: No, I don't mind. What questions, what do you want to know?

Interviewer: What time do you normally go to bed?

Woman: I get up very early because I have to travel a long way to work, so I don't go to bed late, maybe 10 o'clock, half past ten.

Interviewer: And do you go to bed at the same time at the weekend?

Woman: Oh no, on a Friday or Saturday night, I go to bed later, perhaps midnight or one o'clock if I go out.

Interviewer: But then at the weekend, do you also stay in bed later in the morning? What time do you get up on a Sunday, for example?

Woman: I love getting up late on a Sunday. My husband and I, and sometimes our young son, we stay in bed watching TV or reading the newspapers until 11 o'clock, sometimes later.

Interviewer: Okay, next question: what do you do before going to bed? Do you have a hot bath or drink warm milk? Do you have a before-bed routine?

Woman: Let me think. Yes, there is something I always do. I always read for 20 or 30 minutes before I go to sleep. It helps me to relax. When I read, I don't think about the problems of the day, about my job, about problems in the house or at my son's school, things like that.

Interviewer: Yes, that sounds like a good idea! Do you always dream every night?

Woman: I think I do, but often I don't remember what I dream about. Maybe I remember something, then I go to the bathroom in the morning, I go and have breakfast and I forget everything.

Interviewer: So do you have nightmares, horrible dreams about frightening things?

Woman: No, I'm very lucky. When I was at school, yes, but not now.

Interviewer: Do you sleepwalk? Does your husband say anything to you about that? Do you go walking downstairs when you are sleeping?

Woman: I hope not! Our son, Charlie, he sometimes sleepwalks, but we turn him around and he goes back to bed and never remembers anything the next day. It's quite sweet.

Interviewer: Yes, it is! Okay, our last question. How often do you sleep during the day?

Woman: Never!

Interviewer: Don't you ever take a short nap, a siesta, something like that?

Woman: I would like to, but I work every day. I can't sleep in my office!

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time today, Madam.

Woman: That's okay. Goodbye.

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