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Knowing Her Majesty - Transcript

Two friends discuss a project about Queen Elizabeth.

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Gavin: My boss wants me to write an article about Queen Elizabeth for the magazine. I don't know anything about her!

Deborah: The Queen of England? I read a book about her last year. She's a fascinating woman.

Gavin: Oh, that's great! Can you help me, Deborah?

Deborah: Sure, why not?

Gavin: Thanks, let me get my notebook and pen and I can ask you a few questions.

Deborah: I don't know everything about her!

Gavin: You know more than me!

Deborah: Did you know she became Queen more than sixty years ago?

Gavin: Wow, that's incredible! Okay - first question: where does the Queen live?

Deborah: That's a difficult question because she has more than one house.

Gavin: Well, she is very rich...

Deborah: When she's in London, she lives in Buckingham Palace, but she also spends some time in Windsor Castle, which is outside London or in Balmoral, which is in Scotland.

Gavin: Great. How many children does she have?

Deborah: Four: Charles, Andrew, Anne and Edward.

Gavin: I'm impressed! You know everything! When did she become Queen? Was it in the 1960s?

Deborah: No, it was before that. It was in 1952. The Prime Minister in Britain when she was first Queen was Winston Churchill.

Gavin: That is a long time ago! Okay another question for you: what hobbies does the Queen have? I mean, what are her interests?

Deborah: She loves horses. She goes to horse races when she can. She also loves other animals. She has all of those cute little dogs.

Gavin: The corgis! I see them on TV all the time. How many corgis does she have?

Deborah: I don't know, three or four I think.

Gavin: Okay, just a couple more questions. In what year did she get married to her husband, Prince Philip?

Deborah: It was before she became Queen, in 1947 when the Queen was only twenty-one.

Gavin: Right, this is my last question. What does the Queen watch on television? Does she watch soap operas or movies or reality TV shows?

Deborah: Gavin, that's a very strange question. Why do you want to know that?

Gavin: So my article is more interesting!

Deborah: Well, the book I read about the Queen said she likes watching quiz shows, I don't know if that's true.

Gavin: Deborah, thanks very much for this information. You can read my article when I finish it.

Deborah: You can send it to the Queen and then she can read it too!

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