Elementary Listening Practice

Better Learning 2

You will listen to four people talking about what they do to help learn English in a better way. Write in the adjectives for each question.

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1. Speaker one: What I find most is listening.

2. Speaker one: Adverts are very good for learning English I think. They're only .

3. Speaker one: The English in adverts is usually .

4. Speaker two: I love Harry Potter books. They are very .

5. Speaker two: It was a lot of work and my friends said I was .

6. Speaker two: At the end of this, I had a vocabulary book full of new words.

7. Speaker three: I use a very method to help me improve my English.

8. Speaker three: My friends say that I'm living twenty years ago and that it's .

9. Speaker three: I love my letters and I love my pen-pals. It's a very method for me.

10. Speaker four: You can find other people to talk to.

11. Speaker four: I find their accent to understand and they talk to me about their beautiful countries.

12. Speaker four: My house is always very and I don't want anybody to see that!

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