Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 14

Read the text and then choose the best answer for each question.

The Garden of Relaxation

Hello, I'm Karen and I'm here to tell you about a hobby that could change your life! Gardening has become my way to relax and feel calm. Before, my life was always busy and full of stress. Now, gardening helps me find peace.

In my garden, I feel happy and peaceful. Planting flowers and watching them grow is fun. I spend a lot of time looking after my plants. Gardening is more than a hobby for me; it is a break from a busy life.

Being close to nature makes me feel calm. When I am working with the soil or watering plants, I forget my worries. The fresh air and green plants around me make me feel good. Gardening has taught me to wait. Plants take time to grow, and I cannot hurry them. This helps me slow down and enjoy today more.

Some people think gardening is hard, but that gives you a sense of achievement. When I pull out weeds or fix things, I feel happy. These jobs are simple, but they help me connect with nature.

My friends see that I don't worry so much anymore. I tell them about my garden and how it helps me stay calm. Some have even started their own gardens.

Gardening has changed my life. It helps me to stop worrying and enjoy small things. The time I spend in my garden is special. It is my quiet place in a busy world.

1. What effect has gardening had on Karen's life?

    It has made her busier.

    It has become a new source of money.

    It has helped her feel peaceful.

2. How does Karen feel when working in the garden?




3. What has gardening taught Karen?

    To work faster.

    To be patient.

    To grow strange plants.

4. What change have Karen's friends noticed?

    She seems more relaxed.

    She is less worried.

    She appears more content.

5. What has gardening become for the narrator?

    A quiet escape.

    A new routine.

    A way to meet new people.

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