Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 11

Read the text and then choose the best answer for each question.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a beautiful part of the USA. They are a group of islands off the coast of Florida. These islands stretch over a large area. They are known for their stunning views and clear waters.

Geographically, the Keys are very interesting. They are formed from coral reefs which makes them different from other islands. The islands are connected by bridges and this means they are very easy to travel across.

The climate in the Florida Keys is tropical, which means it's warm all year. People love this weather as it's perfect for being outdoors and enjoying the sea.

Wildlife in the Keys is rich and diverse. The coral reefs are home to many fish and sea creatures. People can see colourful fish and sometimes dolphins. The clear waters make it a great place for people to go diving.

The economy of the Keys is mainly based on tourism. People come from all over to visit. They enjoy the beaches and the sea. Activities like fishing, boating, and diving are popular.

The Keys also have a history of fishing and trade. This was important in the past. Now, tourism is the main focus. The beauty of the islands attracts many visitors.

The environment is very important in the Keys. There are efforts to protect the coral reefs. This is crucial for the wildlife and the economy. Keeping the Keys beautiful is a priority for everyone.

The Florida Keys are a special place. They offer a unique experience of nature and sea. The climate, wildlife, and economy all make it a great destination. It's a place where people can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

1. What makes the Florida Keys special?

    They are the largest islands in the USA.

    They are made from coral reefs.

    They have the hottest temperature

2. What is the weather like in the Florida Keys?

    Cool with frequent breezes.

    Pleasant and warm throughout the year.

    Mild with occasional rain.

3. What can people see in the clear waters of the Keys?

    A lot of sea life.

    Old ships.

    Rare birds.

4. What is the main basis of the Keys' economy?




5. Why is the most important thing now for people in the Florida Keys?

    To attract more tourists.

    To create new land for development.

    To protect the coral reefs.

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