Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 5

Read the text and then choose the best answer for each question.

The Californian Gold Rush

The Californian Gold Rush was a very important time in American history. It started in 1848 when gold was found in California. This discovery made many people excited and hopeful.

People from all over the world came to California to find gold. They dreamed of becoming rich quickly. This time was called the Gold Rush because so many people were rushing to find gold.

The Gold Rush changed California a lot. Before the gold was found, not many people lived there. But during the Gold Rush, thousands of people came. Towns and cities started to grow very fast.

A historian, Dr. Emily Johnson, says, "The Gold Rush was more than just finding gold. It was a time of big changes for California and America. Many people came to live in America because of the Gold Rush."

Finding gold was not easy. Many people worked very hard, but did not find much gold. Life was difficult for the gold seekers. They lived in camps and faced many challenges.

Even though not everyone found gold, the Gold Rush was still important. It helped the economy of California and America. The Gold Rush made California an important part of the United States.

Today, people still remember the Gold Rush. It is a big part of California's history. Dr. Johnson says, "The Gold Rush shows us how a discovery can change everything. It changed the lives of many people and the history of a place." The Californian Gold Rush is a story of hope, hard work, and big changes.

1. Why did people come to California during the Gold Rush?

    To get rich.

    To buy land.

    To work in factories.

2. How did the Gold Rush affect the population of California?

    Many people left to look for a job.

    There was a big increase.

    The population stayed the same.

3. What was it like looking for gold during the Gold Rush?

    Easy money.

    Hard work.


4. Why did the Gold Rush change the economy of California?

    Many people arrived.

    A lot of gold was sold.

    Many factories were built.

5. What does Emily Johnson say about the Gold Rush?

    People will always want gold.

    It is still continuing today.

    Places can change quickly.

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