Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 2

Read the text and then choose the best answer for each question.

A Day in the Life at the National Library

Anne Clarke has a very interesting job. She works at the National Library. The library is a big place with many books. Anne loves her job a lot.

"I work with books every day," Anne says. "It's a dream job for me." She has worked there for five years. Her job is to look after the books. She also helps people find what they need.

The library has old and new books. Some are very rare. Anne feels lucky to see these books. "Each book has its own story," she explains.

Anne's day starts early. She checks the books and the rooms. She makes sure everything is clean and safe. Then, she helps visitors. She shows them where to find books.

Anne also helps with events at the library. Sometimes, there are talks and exhibitions. She enjoys these events. They bring people together to learn.

"The library is not just about books," Anne says. "It's a place to discover and share knowledge." She thinks libraries are important for everyone. They are places where people can learn and grow.

Anne loves to see children in the library. She says, "It's great to see young people reading. They are our future readers!" She believes that libraries can help them a lot.

Anne feels proud of her work. She thinks working at the library is very rewarding. "Every day is different," she says. "I always learn something new."

For Anne, the library is a special place. It's full of stories and knowledge. She is happy to be a part of it. Anne hopes to continue her work for many years.

1. Where does Anne Clarke usually work?

    In a bookshop.

    In a library.

    In a school.

2. What does Anne do every morning at work?

    She walks around the library to see that everything is alright.

    She arranges new book displays.

    She has book reading sessions.

3. Which events at the library is NOT mentioned?

    Talks about books.


    Book sales.

4. What makes Anne happy to see in the library?

    People using computers.

    Children reading.

    Visitors having food.

5. What does Anne say about her job?

    It's well paid.

    It makes a good career.

    It's never the same.

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