Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Real World Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 15

Choose the best answer for each question.



Hi John, I can't find my phone. Can you give me a ring? Thanks, Dave.

What should John do?

  1. Call Dave's phone.
  2. Look for Dave's phone.
  3. Send an email back to Dave.


Text Message

Hey Brian, just a reminder about the team lunch on Friday. Please RSVP. - Donna

  1. Brian is organising a team lunch.
  2. Donna is reminding Brian about a team lunch.
  3. Donna needs to RSVP for the team lunch.




Sorry for the inconvenience, but the canteen will be closed tomorrow for cleaning.

  1. The canteen will be closed tomorrow.
  2. The canteen is open every day.
  3. The canteen is closed for maintenance.



Closing Time

Due to a private event, the shop will close early at 5pm this Friday.

  1. The shop usually closes at 6pm.
  2. The shop is closed all day Friday.
  3. The shop will close early on Friday.




English Language Lessons with Mrs. Clarke. $12/hour. Call 07911 112233 for details.

  1. Mrs. Clarke offers French lessons.
  2. Mrs. Clarke only teaches advanced level students.
  3. Mrs. Clarke offers English lessons for $12/hour.


Text Message

Claire, any idea when Tom's flight gets in tomorrow? - Ella

  1. Ella is asking about Tom's flight.
  2. Ella is informing Claire about Tom's flight.
  3. Tom is asking about Ella's flight.

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